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EzInvoice Pro is one of the most advanced web apps ever.

Our Cloud App

The newest version of EzInvoice is a modern SPA App ("Single Page Application"} that runs almost entirely in your web browser. What this means is you're not sending our servers any info at all about how you use the app. Truth is most "Cloud" apps collect as much information about you as they can and they package and sell it to marketing companies and others. We don't do anything like that. In fact, you can run our app entirely in-house and offline if you want. We've done the work to make that both possible and very easy for you to do.

The only time you send any data to our web server is when you login, when you load a document, save a document, email a document, and make changes to your Preferences. But we don't track or analyze any user data and we don't allow any 3rd Parties, like Google or Facebook, to track how you use the apps.

You data is stored in the "CouchDB" database running on our secured DigitalOcean webservers. CouchDB is a industrial grade database made for specifically web apps. All your data is encrypted with SSL when you get or send any data to the CouchDB database.

You have complete control of your data on our servers. When you delete a document it is removed and gone from the web server. Now we also do weekly backups of your data, and those backups are kept for four weeks. But those backups are offline, offsite, and not publicly accessible on the internet.


A "Local-First" web app stores all your data on your local device first. For example, our free app stores your data in your web browser's built-in "IndexedDB". That works good for apps that are not critical to your business, like little games, but it has some serious downsides for apps like EzInvoice where you need complete control and ownership of your data.

Our Local-First EzInvoice Pro app is designed to let you use the same CouchDB database we use for our Cloud app. To use it you install CouchDB app on your desktop PC and store your data there. CouchDB is free and very easy to install on a Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop PCs. When used this way EzInvoice is pretty much the same as a "Native Application" you'd install on your desktop PC. You don't need an internet connection at all to use it. And it's blazing fast because it gets and saves all your data right there on your desktop PC.

Live Sync

This is where the new EzInvoice really stands out from other web apps. We're one of the very first web apps to employ "Live Sync" technologies. What this means is the CouchDB installed on your desktop PC will automatically synchronize with our CouchDB in the Cloud. So, if you're out of your office and need to update or send an invoice with the Cloud app any changes you make will instantly be saved on the CouchDB running on your desktop PC in your office, and that works both ways. Any changes you make with the local-first app running on your desktop PC will be instantly saved on our Cloud server. So everyone, everywhere, always has the latest data.

And you have full control of this. You can turn "Live Sync" on and off. And you can delete all your data on our Cloud server and keep it only on your desktop pc CouchDB, and you can put it back on the Cloud server anytime you want.

Enterprise Grade Services

If your business needs access to it's own dedicated Cloud server and/or access to our application source code we provide a turnkey solution for that. Our code is almost entirely Javascript and the few dependencies we use are very well documented and battle tested for security. We purposely choose well known and rocksolid web tools like Bootstrap, jQuery, Accounting.js, Mustache.js, PouchDB.js and Chart.js. to make it easy for both us and you to add, modify, and maintain our app code.

We use DigitalOcean as our Cloud Services provider and we'll set up a server with everything you need to run our software and turn over ownership of the server to you and we'll help you manage it. You can build your own apps and integrate them with the EzInvoice apps, modify the EzInvoice apps, and scale the server to suit your needs, and we're here to help anytime you want or need us.


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