If this software is "free" why should I purchase your "Data Services"?

The CherryPC software is truly great stuff but it's your data that's critically important. Our Data Services store and backup all your critical data and synchronize your data on all of the devices you use the software on.

If you're only using the software on a single computer or mobile device, and you back up all your data and apps regularly, then you don't "need" our Data Services. If you want to use the software on more than one device you'll probably want to purchase a yearly account so you can keep the data synchronized between them all.

And it's always a good to have more than one copy of all your data and to have that copy stored somewhere besides your office or mobile device. Our Data Services store your data in two separate offsite locations that provide industrial grade redundancy to make sure you never lose all your data. You can be anywhere with an internet connection and login to your account and start using all your apps and all your data.

How can a "web app" work when I'm not connected to the internet?

We use a web browser specification called "App Cache". This allows you to save everything needed to run the app in your browser even when you're not connected to the internet. We also use your web browser's built-in database features that allows you to save your data directly in the browser using "IndexedDB" (or WebSQL where IndexedDB isn't supported).

These apps are awesome! Why don't you charge for them?

There are a few good reasons we don't charge for our apps. One is, our software is built on top of open source and free software projects and while it's a lot of work to build an app like this, it simply wouldn't be possible for us to make it without those open source projects. So we pass on the benefit of that to you because that's really the goal of those projects and we support that goal.

Another good reason is we really want to help small independent businesses, brand new start-ups and "mom and pop" home based businesses get up and running, save time and money, be more productive and grow, and we know good software helps a lot with that.

We're not a "small" business. Will this software work for us?

Sure it will and we have options that will work even better for you. We can set you up with your own dedicated app server and modify our apps to fit your needs and even create new apps just for you that integrate seamlessly with the existing apps. You can even run your corporate website on it.

We also offer scalable dedicated CouchDB database servers that can handle high volumes of contacts and documents. Or you can even use IBM's "Cloudant Database" services to handle your data. Our software is built to be compatible with that and it's incredibly easy to implement.

And we can set up a dedicated email server to handle all of your corporate email needs and integrate seamlessly with our apps. Feel free to contact us for more info on how we can help lower your software costs and increase your productivity.