The team at Cherry PC has been building web based business apps since 2002.

Our state of the art hardware and software products drastically reduce what business spend on running their office. This is not a hollow claim. It may be hard for some to believe but it's easy for us to prove. It didn't happen overnight though. We've been working on this stuff for close to five years and this year it all came together.

Our Cherry PC Apps are built to run both online and offline so you can use the apps anywhere, anytime, always.

Our Desktop computer uses a new generation of hardware that's small, fast, quiet, incredibly power efficient, and amazingly affordable. It comes loaded with software free and open source software that's compatible with and comparable to "Office" software that costs hundreds of dollars per computer.

The Cherry PC App Server lets you run our apps in-house on all your computers and mobile devices connected to your local wifi or ethernet network and you can even modify our app code to work just for your business. We've designed the apps to make that as easy as possible and we're here to help you create features just for your business.

The Cherry PC "Cloud Services" keep your data accessible no matter where you are or what kind of device you're using. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to use them. They also make offsite backups of your data every week, and keep the the backups for four weeks. This means you have rock solid disaster recovery.

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The CherryPC Team